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What to look for on a mill?


Jun 27, 2021
Recently got word from my boss that I have the option of getting a free mill to our facility.

He told me the facility it was at was in the process of taking it apart to scrap it, but they will save it for me.

I don’t have any information on the actual unit itself, other than they “removed the head and none of the shafts” what that includes, I cannot say. I will attempt to get pictures if they’re available.

Boss has no problem taking me up to the facility to check it out, and crating it, but doesn’t want it to sit or us to scrap it in a year.

Without pictures I would guess it’s very likely an older manual Bridgeport, but can’t say for sure.

Does anyone have suggestions for things to look for when I go to check this out? I completely rebuild an older SB13 lathe, but I have no experience with mills.

Any suggestions/info is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!