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what's with the usps? i've shipped parts and ordered materials and no dice?

To this day my favorite story is from UPS. We sent an NV5000 spindle out for rebuild, package went missing for 2 weeks! comes back to our facility with holes in the box exposed spindle sticking out, throw an indicator on it and the draw bar tube (also the main shaft of the spindle) was bent .006" so I can only assume it was dropped out of the truck and kicked down a staircase. Also had physical damage to the rotor housing and chipping in several places. I wish I still had the pictures of the thing. UPS gave no form of reimbursement after arguing for MONTHS with their customer service department
Remember Emery Freight? Dad had them air freight a transformer from somewhere in the rust belt to Houston back around 1975. They lost the 500 lb. transformer somewhere on the way to Houston. Machine was down waiting for it. They never found it.