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Wiring a Deckel FP2 to a Teco MA7200


Jan 29, 2007
Portland, OR
Let me get this out of the way I'm not great with electronics or schematics. I've got power to the mill and can control it with the start/stop on the VFD Panel but I'd like to use the mill start/stop for the controls and would like to wire in a pot as well for speed control. The start is an NC and the stop is an NO. I assume this is a 3-wire control and have set Sn-03 to "8" (230v 3-wire initialization). Obviously I'm doing something wrong because nothing it happening at all. On page 3-51, there's a schematic with terminals 1, 2 and 5 being used but it's not working for me. The manual isn't terribly helpful, I'm a bit stuck and I haven't attempted to wire up the pot yet.

Any advice would be extremely helpful.

Your undestanding is correct - that would be the "three wire control" as that is designed to be an exact drop
in replacement for the two momentary buttons on the machine. The trouble may be that there are other
parameters that need to be set in the drive to get the motor turning. I don't know if teco has updated
their paper manual or not but the CD rom is a more complete manual.

So you need to page through the parameter lists and see if anything jumps out at you, such as you
want to be sure the return for the button wires is to the correct terminal (+V if active high, ground if
active low) that the max and min speeds are set to something reasonable, that the accel and decel times
make sense, that the control is front panel if you have no external pot set up, and so on.

When you go to run the motor, does it simply not run, or does the drive display an error on the screen?

As an example, my drives typically throw an error when I wire them up as fwd/off/ref and external speed
control, at the moment I power them on - but did not yet program them.

The reason is that the wiring I put in commands the drive to start up instantly on power-on, given the
default programming the drive is shipped with. Took me a while to figure that one out.

One suggestion is to start with the default programming, which typically uses the fast/slow keys on the
keypad for speed control, and the run/stop keypad keys as well. Get the motor turning using those,
then try switching to the front panel knob for speed control, and only then re-program for three wire

Once it's programmed, hook it up that way and see what happens. Also maybe check to see that
the leads from the buttons out to the drive really do what you think they're doing, with a simpson meter.
Thanks for the response, Jim.

When I power it up, I can use the VFD to control the mill without any issues. I've fiddled with the acel/decel time, set them to 0.5seconds (default was 30) and all is good. With the wires from the mill in place, thee's absolutely no change after I configure the VFD for 3-wire. I can still control via the VFD but the settings have been reset to factory (Hz set to zero/acel and decel reset to 30s). It's like they're not there. I'll take another look at it today...to give you a reference of my electric knowledge, I had to look up what a simpson meter is.
I'm trying to recall if my VFDs require some sort of extra "save" step to lock the parameters in memory.
I don't think they do. They should be stored in non-voltatile memory. Mine stay there even though
power is removed from the drive for months at a time.

Maybe the problem has to do with the way you are entering the parameters? Check that issue in the
It says in the first few pages that if 3-wire control is enabled, it changes everything back to factory settings...I didn't recall reading that. That's a frustrating bit right there because if I then change the operating Hz as well as the acel/decel time, I go back to see that SN03 is reset. It's a circular problem. On top of that, it appears that the 24V circuit isn't energized at all. I'll get on the phone with FactoryMation tomorrow if I can't get the controls wired up today.
I'm going to keep updating this until it's fully functional in case anyone needs similar info in the future.

Part of my frustration is well founded...it appears that the control board isn't working. The FactoryMation warranty situation is unsatisfactory but luckily it looks like Teco will send me a new control board so I can at least control the mill with the key panel until the board arrives.

The STOP switch leads go to 24VG and T2. The START switch leads go to T1 and T2. If the FactoryMation supplied pot is to be used for speed control, #1 = +12V :: #2 = VIN :: #3 = GND. That part is fairly straight forward.

What's not straight forward is the misprint in the manual about SN24. It should be set to 00 from the factory but it's not.

The software settings should be as follows:

Sn03 = 08 (3-wire initialization 220V)
Sn04 = 01 (Control Terminal)
Sn05 = 01 (Control Terminal)
Sn24 = 00 (Voltage Signal 0-10V)

I'll confirm this once I install the new board.


This may seem like a bit of a tangent, but just fyi, if you select #7 in Sn03 it will wipe out your programming in the ma7200, so just keep that in mind if you accidentally enter a 7 instead of an 8... (I found this one out the hard way and it has cost me big time)

GOd bless...