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Wiring mpg pendant to ML-15 lathe


Sep 23, 2006
Hello Everyone,
I bought a MPG Pendant from Amazon and I was wondering how to wire it up?
It's going on a Milltronics ML-15 cnc lathe and I was wondering if I can just wire it too the panel on the front with the mpg hand wheels and just wire it to the existing hand wheels and e stop.
Also the Pendant I have says 24v and the mpg hand wheels are only 5v don't know if it will still work or not.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated....
Thanks Mike
i own a ML 15 cnc lathe and i dont understand why you want to add a MPG Pendant, just use the Z and X handwheels already on the lathe.
My Handwheels don't work very good. And it's easier to pick up material with a pendant, you can get right into the machine while doing it.