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Woods Engineering Co T&C Grinder


May 4, 2021
St. Marys, MD
Added another "winter project" last week along with my Whitney hand miller. Found this on facebook labeled as a surface grinder with bad pictures and no information. My limited research has found very little regarding the company, let alone their machines.

The best I can figure out at the moment- It's a Woods Engineering Co universal T&C Grinder from the early 1900s- perhaps 1910-1920s- that looks to have been rebadged as a Delta at some point in its life. The story I was given was that the original owner had used it at work in the shipyards around Annapolis, MD, and then took it home when they shut down. It had a decent coat of rust all over when I picked it up. However, due to having to lug it via hand truck into my basement shop, I completely disassembled it, and gave it a quick once-over with the fine scotch pad and WD40, and so far it seems to have turned out well. Definitely has some wear, and some items that need to be addressed, but overall an interesting piece. There was a few fixtures that came with it including a delta univise that clearly doesnt fit, and original looking centers and the vise which is currently frozen solid. It'll get a 3 phase motor and a solid once-over and be put back to work in it's 3rd life. If anyone has any experience or information about these machines, i'd certainly be interested.

the first 4 pictures are what I had to go by in the ad. The ones after are the few i snapped while taking it apart, and after I reassembled it and pushed it over to the the messy side of the shop while i get everything better organized.


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I used to have one, which I gave to Rick Rowlands for his collection of Ohio-built machinery. He may still have it. Mine didn't have the door or storage in the base.

I'd say Delta Equipment Co. of Philadelphia was a machinery dealer, different from Delta Machinery (former division of Rockwell, makers of wood working tools).

I'd imagine you've seen this:

Some information on Google books as well.