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WOT- fiberglass splinters can't be removed!

Been a while since I had to mess with glass fibers, I remember carbon fibers being worse.
1. Benadryl for the hives, though you'd know if that was an issue by now, though not sure I'd want to operate machinery or drive on that.
2. For the most part they'll work out in a week.
3. Wash your clothes twice. At least at the time the first washing just sort of distributed the fibers onto the rest of your garment, including the inside, but twice seemed to remove them properly. It wasn't fun learning that.
4. If you're not doing this wet they're getting in the air too. Wear a mask, clean nearby surfaces. I knew a guy who got a bunch of carbon fibers in his lungs, pretty much took him out of racing for a year.
Old fiberglass ladders can also stick you real good.

Try white wood glue. Let it dry completely. One tip says to do it twice, peeling in both directions. I've tried tape and I'm not sure it does much. But it feels like it should help. But I also think pressing it down could break off the exposed tips.

If the skin gets inflamed, it probably swells a bit and tightens. I see mentions of hydrocortisone.

I haven't tried it, but I would try an epsom salt soak. Maybe as a last resort. It does get the body to force stuff out.

Some seem to swear by vinegar. Maybe it just relieves the sensation. You might search for those tips.
Fibre glass has a lot in common with stinging nettles imho, in nettles the silicate needles pierce and snap off, very difficult to remove obviously.
Asbestos does too, not good needles either.
I think the duct tape trick works best, unless they are bigger. Glue can pull them, I got one out with superglue
Either way fibreglass is a bastard to get out!
I have a glass splinter in my foot, I’ve tried to remove it but failed.
Stick a flashlight in your mouth and see where you light up! Clean glass generally does not cause the usual inflammation reaction so they can stay there for ever and the likes of magnoplasm and other drawing ointments won't pull them.
When I was working in GF both laying up and subsequent machining, despite PPE, I got the problem mentioned by the OP, I found that the best solution was to shower in cold water to remove the loose bits then hot to open the skin pores and wash off the bits.
The guys working with me found this worked for them also. After a few days the itching became less.
Same as for exposure to poison ivy.
Not sure if it works for glass, but a wipe with iodine high-lights a wood slivers, allowing a better look. I worked aviation MANY years ago, I still have glass in my hands.
I work on big boats for a living and Im constantly exposed to it. I have just gotten used to it, but its annoying. I will usually notice em in my hands and arms on the drive home, but after a good shower and scrub I dont really notice it. I cut up some weird honeycomb fiberglass floor panel a few weeks ago and that stuff was really nasty, i felt that stuff in my arms for 3 days.

I also just ran into a bunch of bees on my property last night while harvesting grapes. I got stung about 10 times on my hands/arms and I told my co-workers today it feels like they invented a new type of fiberglass that I rolled around in.
In winter time, (coming up soon) I provide rescue services at the local ski hill. (NSP)
Much of the daily set up is placing signage that is based on glass fiber poles with warning banners stretched between. The poles become "weathered" with impacts by skiers etc that results in HUGE splinters. They easily penetrate leather gloves, though gloves do help.

This thread gets me thinking

Seems to have subsided. I just kept rubbing the spots and it seemed to work. Insidious stuff.
I remember being about 8 yo and swimming in the sound. I got out and dried off with a big fiberglass matt my friends dad had laying on the dock for a boat build project. Some never learn and im some.
I have done lots of G-10 and found that no matter how careful I am, I always end up with glass in my hands. I find with a binocular microscope and a really good pair of tweezers, one can get them out. However the trick is finding them. I discovered that if the area is shaded just right, the glass will show up. Turn the area vertical under the scope and use your other hand to shade the part where you think the glass is. Once you find it, getting it out is a bit tricky, but as long as you don't break it off, it will come out easily. I ground my tweezers to a razor edge and they work a treat.
Good luck!
My go to is wash in VERY hot water for 4-5 minutes. Or soak in hot water(and I mean HOT). Softens skin and opens up pores. Might have to do it multiple times but it works.
Hot shower and scrub with a wash cloth.
Usually the next day I am good to go.

It’s the yearly break up derelict boats at the yard time.
I was helping to toss this 43 footer on its side but got out of there when they started working it over with the excavator.
Poor guy sitting running the machine was covered with glass fiber debris..