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Cast Iron
Mar 27, 2011
Providence RI
I’m about ready to take a step away from my W&S #3 turret lathes and buy my first CNC lathe. I’m currently looking a getting a new Doosan Lynx 2100lb, but dont really feel great about spending 80k. So I’d thought I’d look into some used ones. Most of our parts can be run from 2” or smaller bar and the few larger items would fit fine in a 6-8” chuck on a basic 2 axis machine. Part of the reason to buy new is I dont have time for a project so am looking for something that can make parts right away and is no more than 10 years old. The only options that are must haves are a tool setter and chip conveyor. My budget is $20k-$40k for a used machine. Once it’s much over that I’d probably buy new, unless it’s a fancy y axis dual spindle tool. So, please let me know what you may want to get rid of. I’m in RI so mostly looking at options in the north east.