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WTB BoreMate boring facing attachment

If posting a WTB ad, beware of the scammers... Watch for guys sending you PMs about "their friend so-and-so" selling what you're interested in, especially those that have zero or very low post count. Their friend is usually "not a forum member" etc. Also, if you *do* get anything like that, report it.
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Always thought maybe i'd run across one some day to play with, but less enthusiastic based on reports above, and observations on this video:

I will say that my Universals will do everything that does, apparently with a lot better control.
OTOH Boremate appears to have 1" full travel, Universal only 3/4" one-way.
The dial repeats on the Universal (in one direction, not backlash compensated) but the dial ring can be easily zeroed even on the fly, so possible to figure backlash up front. OTOH, the Universals do not have a macro (cumulative) travel scale.
Boremate has more convenient/more modern tool holding arrangement.
Nothing wrong with the tool-holding on Universal, but it does take some practice/familiarity to get used to thinking a different way about installing and using the cutting tools.

Hello all.
I'm aware of the spring problem/issue.
I'm interested in taking this on as a project.
With the goal of designing out the spring for
a predictable positive feed advancement.