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WTB - Walker Turner 20" 1100 Drill Press Belt Cover


Nov 17, 2017
Western PA
Looking to see if anyone would have laying around the cover off of an 1940's Walker Turner 20in 1100 drill press. Our machine is in great shape and used daily and was just thinking it would be great to see if I can put the proper guards on it. I am located in Western PA. 20240326_161804.jpg
If just a proper guard to prevent fingers from getting wrapped in a belt, make your own.
I have a 17" Delta/Rockwell that had the guard missing. Different design, and I'm no tin knocker, but after a few cardboard mockups, and figuring how to quickly mount and remove, I fabricated one that works. 12 gauge top, 16g sides
My 14" Walker Turner that has the same design cast front as yours has the "temporary" one I made from plywood 20 years ago.
There's no intent to make a steel one as its serving its purpose and has historic finger prints all over it