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Yamatokoki NEWS BS-0 spin indexer spare


Dec 21, 2020

Does anyone has such a little nice indexing head? I got this off an auction and it is missing a sort of pin with a sort of gear at the end that drives a dowel out that can lock the head I think in 15* increments. It is held in by a little worn screw.

Maybe someone has such a head and could make some pictures if the pin so I can try to remake it. Or maybe better if someone had an idea where it could be obtained.

I found also a picture on the web showing one which still has the little lever.


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It is called a dividing head, not a spin indexer. I bought mine from Rutland Tool in 1974. Mine was made in Japan, but did not have a NEWS or Yuasa tag. It takes 7 B&S collets and I think the chuck thread was 1 1/4-7. Mine came with a three jaw chuck and a set of three dividing plates, a male center and tailstock. The BS-0 suggests it was basically a copy of the small number 0 Brown & Sharpe dividing heads. They also made a larger universal dividing head which was also copied in Japan. Machinery's Handbook has the charts for using the dividing plates.

The 24 hole direct indexing plate on the front is locked with a pin that has rack teeth milled on it. The operating lever has a matching pinion gear.

More or less exact copies of these dividing heads are currently made in China, but I have no idea if you could get any repair parts from China. I see that there are several "brands" of China heads and some have 2MT spindles with various threads different from mine, so it would not be wise to expect their parts to fit the old Japan head.

Jep I have 3 of them plates. Could one of you guys perhaps get a pic of this pinion shaft/lever that makes the pin slide in and out the 24hole plate? So that would give already an idea how much tooth it has.

I don't have any collets from it and the chuck was also not there but I found a used 135mm chuck which should suit it well.

The quality feels really good and solid. As new actually. Near to zero lash on the worm gear.
...The quality feels really good and solid. As new actually. Near to zero lash on the worm gear.
The 40:1 worm gear backlash is adjustable on these heads. The worm has to be disengaged when using the 24 hole direct indexing feature. I think I saw on one of the websites selling the China heads that there was a link to an instruction manual, which might even be in understandable English. Or not.

How can the worm be disengaged? I had thought one just spins the crank till the dowel fits one of the 24 holes