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Yaskawa Drive

Marc G.

May 8, 2024
I have a Matsuura 560V and I believe I need to send the Yaskawa varispeed 622mt2 drive out to be repaired. The fault on the unit is #7 and the unit clearly had something cook inside of it because it now has the burnt electrical smell. Can anyone recommend someone who can repair this for me? Also, does this unit run the axis motors as well as the spindle motor?
Thank you!
Acdrivelayna in NC. Vanna is half the price of others. She does good work, she used to work for Yaskawa. That is an MT2B ? What alarm is #7? Most of the issues on these drives are on the second board. There is a row of transistors along the edge, they are E90 Fairchild I believe. These short. They taken out a couple resistors, 2 diodes, 2 smaller transistors, a hybrid jh183 and the big Darlingtons in the power section. The Darlingtons and the hybrid are getting hard to get. Its usually the 2nd, third or fourth channels. There is a video on YouTube on how to fix it. Pepaw McDonald. If you have the skill, you might wanna consider updating to a MT3 drive. They are over the place used.
Thank you. Yes, its an MT2 B series. Alarm #7 is (OL). Overload. When it happened it was accompanied by a burnt electrical smell. I was working with Precision Zone to refurbish it for me. I will look into this contact though. Will a MT3 drop in and run without a lot of changes?
Overload or over current or over voltage? . If you have a burnt smell, I should be easy to find. Did it happen on accel or decel? The MT3 uses encoder for.orient, if your Matsurra uses a resolver it won't work, older Matsurra also used a hall type sensor and a magnet, they called it a magneto. The fact you have an I80 leads me to believe it uses an encoder. Over current is shorted transistors, over voltage is usually a bad braking resistor or braking transistor. As much and how worthless Yaskawa tech support is, they can probably help out with interchangeability. I would also look into leaking caps in the DC link , and at this age all the electrolytics on the 2nd board.
Its an overload condition. The motor was not running when it happened. I powered the unit up for the day and immediately got a spindle servo alarm that wouldn't clear. That's when I looked to see what fault it was on the drive and could smell something cooking.
Try removing the motor wires, that will rule out the motor. Cooking sounds like a smoked cap, resistor or transistor. All of which will show heat marks, should be easy to find. What caused it is another thing all together. If it starts with an alarm, something sounds dead shorted. I have Mk2 and mk3. The mk3 has a circuit breaker, don't know if a mt2b does. Worth a check.ill see if I have a mt2b manual.
The Mt2 does have a circuit breaker on the second level. I will see if I can figure out what burnt. I did irate the drive. Same condition on power up.