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Yet another anti-Autodesk rant

Was this a poor attempt at humor?

I doubt many are laughing.

SolidWorks calls theirs subscriptions also, has been that way since 1995, not maintenance.

so it my be a slip of the fingers on Rob's part, since he also uses SW along with all the AD products.
I think it's largely legacy, due to the VAR network existing pre-acquisition.. but honestly, no idea. Is Delcam used similarly?

With FeatureCAM (in my area at least) ADSK is dropped the VAR entirely and is going direct.
There were always resellers, no more.

Don't really care as I never really understood the VAR system anyway, just making the comment with respect to the OP as the
only contact that I know of is ADSK.
I learned long ago with Autodesk that it is the VAR or go to the forums. I got more help off the forums than anything. Back when I used their stuff I found that the guys who work out the kinks in the software paid pretty close attention to what folks were asking for help on. I don't know if they do that now though. Glad I don't have to deal with Autodesk anymore.

I think Autodesk (and most other CAD software purveyors) will some day be held up for public ridicule and as an example of how to run a business into the ground.