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Yuasa 580-108 (8") chuck backplates

Colt Ables

Feb 5, 2022
I recently picked up some manual lathe chucks at auction and one of them is a Yuasa 8" (Model 580-108) and I am having issues finding a backplate for it (need an L1). Yuasa does not even list any backplates for their 6" and 8" chucks in the catalog I could find online (picture attached) which I find extremely odd. I also called MSC and Penn Tool, who seem to be the only US distributors, and they do not have any backplates listed all together. Based on the Yuasa numbering I would possibly need p/n 581-4308.

Could anyone provide any contacts or assistance with locating a backplate?


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they look like a standard flat back chuck - you should be able to use any L1 backplate, though you may need to drill and tap for the bolts.
Maybe the L1 adapter 581-430 that Yuasa says is for 10" chuck size is simply meant to be turned down smaller to mount an 8" chuck. In any case, you will need to turn the spigot and face the front of a new adapter to get the chuck to run true, plus drill and tap for the mounting screws.

But it is probably not near as expensive to get a non-Yuasa adapter, like this one for $119 with free shipping.