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Hi. I hope you are well now. If you are looking for a platform where you can find what is saw machine? Then you can read this full content of mine.
If you’re a chainsaw user, you know that keeping it lubricated is important. But what kind of oil should you use? Can you use motor oil in a chainsaw?
Hi Lazz, I would like #7 C no name tap holder. Please let me know what the total is and I will send a check. Zip is 14623 Thanks Dave
Hi I have the same problem as you. My mychine is a Bridgeport VMC 460/12 control is Heidenhain TNC 370, inverter is Simodrive 611. The spindel parameters have been lost. Will you recover these parameters?
I started a conversation, I don't particularly want my address openly viewable
How do I pay you. I can send you a company check and of course I don't expect you to send them until it clears.
Hey Bob use the "conversation" thing since I don't want to put the details here. It is the little envelope next to your name in the top right corner of the site.
Ohio Mike - you posted about having parts for old Rayersford excelsior drill press. Might you still have? Trying to bring one back to life (just because....)
Hey Papa2. I also just picked up a dayton 1" belt grinder. Can you tell me where you bought your replacement parts? I am having a hard time finding them.


Hey, if you're still making the L-series wrenches, I'd be interested in a L1 and a L2. Let me know, thanks.

Precision CNC machining services includes cnc milling and turning of aluminum parts, stainless steel, steel, brass and even plastic components.​


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send your phone # and best time to call & I will call you Ken days 360 910 1617 or am pm 360 225 7111
559-709-9698 Pm text or leave message, call you right back
Interested in item A - Jacobs rubberflex chuck with D1-6 Still available?
I have your address as
Aribert Neumann
19332 Briarwood Ln
Clinton Twp, MI 48036
if that works how about a total of $350 including shipping.
My paypal is [email protected]
Thanks Ron
Sounds good. Address is correct. PayPal monies sent.
In less than an hour you will have 3 boxes in the mail.
They are insured for $250 each.
Thanks Ron
In another thread, you said that you have a serial number book for Sebastian lathes. Would you happen to have any information about "Machine No. 103973 H". It has the anchor, so I do know that it was a Navy machine.
1942 SN starts with 103153, 1942 SN starts with 104113 so your machine is a late model 1942 machine
Whatever you did to PM, undo it.
Richard King
Richard King
How do we access our old photo's we had stored under manage ? I hit attach now and it goes to my photo gallery in my laptop. I had a hundred plus photos from years past I used in threads I wrote. If they are lost on the new format, can I save them? Can you make them sharable again? Thanks. Rich
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This is not for conversational, I do not use any mazatrol. This is for making the machine control behave like an older control that would preform polar milling. Polar milling is an option that was not turned on for my machine. This allows me to polar mill with out the option. I do not know how to do anything with conversational.