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  • I was reading a thread where you were discussing repairing/replacing some teeth on a bronze worm gear.i have one for 1914 GE fan I am restoring that has 4-5 teeth missing. Is that something you could/would be able to repair?
    Hi thanks for the info on SB 10k i have scanned some posts and came across some stuff you made for 10k, if you have plans or just want to explaine how to do it I would give you all the attention I have I wan to do collet holder for 10k and I guess I need to buy collets where and which ones would be very helpfull
    Thank You
    Dang, I have not been in the PM site since before Thanksgiving and I just saw your message to me! Thanks for the nice compliment about the motorcycle parts... it's fun even though I'm basically a complete hack. I am located in Doylestown, Ohio, which is just west of the Akron-Canton area and in the extreme NE corner of Wayne County.
    aametalmaster, Your request for friendship took me "back" a little. Been on this forum for a few yrs, and your my first "friend" Hell I thought we were all friends here, I think anyone not shooting at me's my friend.
    Although we haven't had much contact, I've enjoyed reading your posts, You seem to have a firm grasp on common sense.
    Since retirement, I've been doing less and less, getting rid of accumulated crappola. Farmer neighbors keep me hopping in the spring and summer, fixing manure spreaders,bailers,tractors and other such ilk.
    Seems they like my prices for machining.I got two qts. of honey for the last job, rebuilding the power steering cylinder on a John Deere.
    Let me know if I can be of any help to you, I usually can't remember where I left my wallet or truck keys, But i'm pretty sharp on remembering where the last time. I seen a piece of tooling or usable metal laying around. dave [acme thread]
    Wow got the hub today looks great did you turn that ? And what's great is it will never break awsome thanks
    HI Metalmaster,
    Just saw your pics on the er chuck you made ,as I have a sb9c it looks like it would be more practical than using the old draw bar setup. I was wondering if you could supply me with the print or dim's you used to make this?
    please pm me thanx smitty
    Hi, I'd like to get more info on your 10K if you decide to part with it. I live in eastern Pa. so it would be a bit of a drive.
    thanks, DFM
    Going back through posts about 11 inch Southbends, I found a post that you replied to about a tap that could be used for backplates ( 1 5/8 inch). I was hoping to purchase one for myself and found one, but the part number is off by one digit. I was wondering if you could tell me if it would still work. I found a GTD HS TAP 1 5/8- 8N GH6 N11 P, but the one recommended in your post was a GTD HS TAP 1 5/8- 8N GH6 N10 P. I didnt know what the difference between the N10 and the N11, or if was basically the same thing. Your advice would really be appreciated.

    Thanks, Gary
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