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  • Hi Asquith, I realize some time has passed since you posted about George Moulton, but I thought you would enjoy seeing one of his machines that is still in use today. check out the thread machine wanted in antique machinery and history.

    I only have the pictures featured in the 'Galloways' thread, although one of them was reduced in extent compared with the original. I can email you higher resolution copies if you want.


    john.a.ditchfield (at) btinternet.com

    I saw a post of yours that referenced some pics from the Kew Bridge Steam Museum. The link was to the old bulletin board. Do you think it would be OK if i post some recent pics or would they be redundant?
    Hi Asquith,
    Noticed your posting on the Cussons engine cutaway model from the Mill Meece Pumping station, do you have more pictures, info on it?
    After a pretty long research I discovered I have a similar but different one.
    Hi Asquith. I just came across a couple of your posts about steam derrick cranes. You seem to have taken a few snaps of crane manufacturers' nameplates. Wondering if you have any that are diamond shape? Let me explain ...

    I travelled from my home in Canberra (Australia) to Helidon in Queensland to measure-up a steam derrick crane abandoned there at one of the stone quarries. I came back with notebook pages full of dimensioned sketches and a couple of hundred photos and have been assembling all in a 3D cad program. All to the end of publishing scale drawings in a model engineering magazine. Thing is, I still don't know who made the crane, since the nameplate had been nicked and the old crane driver, who still works at the quarry, couldn't recall the make either. But the nameplate silhouette was there on the slew arm casting.

    I'd love to attach a photo or two but can't work out how; but the diamond shape is 10" across and 6" high. Does that sound familiar?

    No, I'm not connected. I chose the name because when I started work at GEC Trafford Park in the late 1960s, I was greatly impressed by a monumental Asquith ram borer. My memory isn't good at sizes, but I seem to recall it was about the size of Luxembourg.

    Otherwise I don't know much about the company or its machines, and I haven't seen a book about the company. There's some information here:-
    William Asquith

    Best wishes,
    Dear Sir

    Are you in any way connected with Asquiths machine tools in Halifax. I ask as my grandfather used to work there as a Millwright. I would be interested in finding out more information about Asquiths and their products.

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