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    Can anyone identify this style of indicator? It is used for align boring. (Starrett)

    Looks like a standard bore gauge to me. Similar to a telescoping snap gauge. Put it in the bore sweep it around to the lowest number on the dial. The remove it and mike down the tip and back side until it reads the same number it had inside the bore. The reading on the mike is the bore...
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    Board policy on chat bots and AI?

    Reminds me of the eternal question ... I am starting a home shop what is the best lathe to buy? Let Chat bots chew on that. Or even easier, what is the best car/truck to buy. Do they combine results from all languages or just stick to one assigned by the user. Probably not many modern...
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    quality mid-low cost 2K paint

    Coleman fuel is mainly naptha. A little hotter then paint thinner and 2/3 the price. I use it with the tractor supply paint and no hardener. I really need to do a small test with the tractor paint and some japan drier.
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    Please explain phase converters to outside-US

    A vfd can also provide slow start and power braking. The slow start can allow big motors to start with limited power supply into a small shop. As well as 80-120% rpm with no special modifications. They also show rpm Rotary converters use factory 3 phase wiring and switches. VFD must use...
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    Why do some lathe chucks have lots of screws and some very few?

    An adjust tru chuck will have extra screws to locate it on center. Bill D
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    Board policy on chat bots and AI?

    Read that many schools are requiring papers be hand written, not typed. Of course they can still do IA but they will have to copy it out by hand.
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    Board policy on chat bots and AI?

    Reminds me of 1984 and hitler and putin. Repeat the same lie often enough and everyone will think it is the truth. We are winning the war on people's minds, jews, jewsih space lasers, drugs, insert other word here. I saw it on the internet, it must be true. BilL D
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    Pressure regulator for blast cabinet?

    You need bigger diameter and shorter hoses between tank and use point. Any quick connecters are a choke point as well Bill D
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    Making a handrail - angles don't add up - what am I missing geometry-wise?

    Consider the height of the user. Is he tall or short, straight upright or bent over. If short and bent go lower. BilLD
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

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    Kardex Remstar vertical storage units

    The powered vertical carpet and wire holders at the box stores impress me. Just hang baskets from each horizontal pole. No idea on weights allowed. Bill D
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    Back in the day they made steam tractors for farming that burned straw as they harvested the grain. Bill D
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    Board policy on chat bots and AI?

    Remember that many here do not speak English as a first language. They may be using some kind of translation bot both ways. I am sure that makes their language seem odd and bot like. Interesting to read UK and Australian shop slang. I started out reading my dad's old model machinist...
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    Identify knee mill

    FYI: A full size Bridgeport weighs about 2,200 pounds.. Each piece weighs about 200 pounds, leaving a 600 pound main column. Bill D
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    quality mid-low cost 2K paint

    AFAIK the tractor supply hardener does not make the paint any harder. It just speeds up the process. Takes a week to dry without it. Maybe overnight with hardener. Wonder what japan drier would do? It does speed up linseed oil and varnish on wood. Regardless it is a good idea to label...