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  • Brad, sent you a quite lengthy PM about the cut -off blades you were looking for, only to find out your PM box runneth over. I've done all the one fingered typing I'm going to do tonight Dave [acme thread]
    I have registered to enjoy your forum. How can I post a question about my 1939 13" South Bend Lathe?

    New to the forum as I just received what I have estimated to be a 1937 SBL. I've done a bunch of research but a few things aren't making sense. I see the model number on the lathe - 109-Y, and the serial number 80430, but things don't add up. It looks like a 10l or maybe a heavy 10, (bell shaped motor housing under the head and two iron feet under the pan on the tail end) But I'm pretty sure it's a 9" lathe. The bed is 36".

    Was this a showroom demonstrator or something else? The serial number doesn't have the letters I'd expect to determine the other capabilities of the lathe.

    The ways look a little bit worn, but I was surprised to see everything that was supposed to move does, the motor and light on a goose neck both are working fine. Does this sound like a machine worth restoring or am a already underwater? Paid $350. So I thought the risk was low.
    Brad I know you don't know me but thanks to you I've torn down my 45 9A and did a bolt up restoration. Next will be my 13" and then I've found a 3phase 16" with taper attachment for $500.00 to restore.I also am getting a 1933 Thompson surface grinder 8x16 the price was right...free and yes all the automatic axis works. It weighs 3600lbs...lol but should be good in my shop. Just giving a shout out to say hi and thx for all the help you gave without knowing it. Love the vid's keep up the good work. I've watched em all over and over.
    I really enjoy machining as well as the restoration process. It's creative and challenging. If you'd like to see some videos, please check out my Youtube channel: "BasementShopGuy"

    Thanks for stopping by ;-)
    I bought regular 3/8" carbide-tipped bits from Enco. They're pretty decent and inexpensive.
    I have a heavy 10 and a tool post just like yours. What tool holders and type of carbide did you end up buying?

    $46 sent to you via PayPal for the faceplate. It will go to;

    Daryl Wisdom
    10015 Cascade Rd
    Lowell, MI 49331

    Thanks in advance.

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