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  • Bruce

    From your reply on the Atrump VMC. I am Barry's son. Do you know my dad from the metalworking club or some other way? This was my first post, registered about 2 weeks ago. I have a jobshop down in Buda and is very busy right now. Got 2 cnc lathes and a cnc mill. What do you do, if I might ask?

    Talk with you soon.

    Michael Criner
    [email protected]
    Bruce, I have lost your tel no. Would you PM me with it or call me. 361-5752877
    Ray (Legdoc) in Victoria with the Romi C420.
    Dear Mr. Griffing,

    I just want to thank you for the info and
    to assure you that I would never say
    anything that would reflect badly on
    you. I appreciate your trust in me which
    is evidenced by the information in your

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