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  • Hi, the turrets are identical in design but are 180 opposing, so yes if you have a holder in the upper turret facing hd1 and mounted it on the lower turret it would face hd2. If you are looking to buy a machine, be sure to include as many holders as you think you might need so as to get them at a discounted rate as a package. Unlike face mounted vdi, these are pretty expensive...for example a 1.25 boring bar holder is just over $600.
    I have a question about the hyper quadrex. Was curious how the VDI tooling is laid out.
    For instance if you have a horizontal mill for upper turret and its facing head1 and you were you stick that same tool into the lower turret would it still be machining on head1 or will it be facing head2 now?
    thanks Jimmy
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