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  • Alan,
    I have to confess that your remark filled me with hysteria. I'd dashed off to a Masonic Bowls Match between Durham and Northumberland.
    With, I confess, a Chinese Grand Lodge officer and later, the Provincial Grand Master and then, for pity's sake a guy who was off to play the cornet in a brass band. Further conversation revealed that he played in the same band as my wife who plays all the saxes and clarinets- not necessarily at the same time.

    I think that I'm going to have to see Matron. It would appear that I have been volunteered to go to HongKong. But, how heavy is a Chinese lathe on the way home???

    Benny Hill was having a far quieter time- I think.

    No, if I bought a Chipmaster it would be pinched for the Chinese restaurant.

    Cheers, and thanks

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