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  • Hey its Matt, phone dumped all my contacts, when you get time call me, no rush, 2052667719.
    Hello JB I was wondering if you still had any parts from the 16" SB left. I might be interested in the compound and maybe even toolpost and thread dial.

    Hello Mr. Bergman, We are in Nashville, Tn and are starting back up after being in business for some 17 yrs. We are needing another knee mill
    that is ready to use today. I need as good a price as possible and am wondering if you can help?
    Yes, if you turn the head, lower it way down, and set the stroke so that the ram retracts into the main casting you can brake things.
    one thing i want to warn you about on
    shapers. do not lower, (feed) the head down
    below the hole in the main frame casting.
    if you do, and it is set on a long stroke, it will
    wrecck the machine!
    [email protected]
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