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  • Good evening, I have seen multiple post stating that you have scanned manuals for the tum 35. I own one and use it daily. I never got any manuals from the original owner. My email is [email protected]. I would greatly appreciate your copies and would reimburse you if need be. Thank you
    Hi Lakeside, I'm trying to get in touch with you but your PM mailbox is full. I just picked up a "mechanic's special" TUM-35 with a failed bearing in the motor gearbox. Looks like you've been through what I'm about to begin. Please get in touch if you read this!
    I used your diagram to eliminate the cassette deck type switches on my Emco v10-p and replace it with dpdt toggle switches. I ran into a delimna when wiring the motor as my motor (ELIN 115v) has different wire colors than the diagram. Could you assist in cross-referencing your diagram with my motor wires? I have: orange black red brown blue grey. I also have the yellow/green tracer but it is ground. My blue goes to the capacitor so I just need the other five
    Hey, I saw a post where you said that you had a schematic for the Bridgeport 6f power feed circuit board. I have looked all over an have only managed to fing a low resolution picture and can't read what the components are. I would greatly appreciate you sending anything you have. Thanks
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