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  • Hi Marsh,

    I accepted your friendship notification. I remember your suggestion of creating a "C" registry. I could search old posts/make a list, but being listed in such a registry should be voluntary as some "C" owners might not want to be included. Maybe adding "C" owners as friends is a good approach.

    I read your post about making a TA drawbar/bed clamp and wondered how much force it would take to break a 1/8" roll pin. It would probably break prior to anything else, but it would still be scary. "Be careful when using" is good advice with any machine tool, but especially with a lathe as big as a "C".

    As you know, there several members with incredible expertise on the "C" series who post frequently in the Monarch section, and I think we are very lucky to have them available. This factor weighed heavily when I was deciding what lathe to buy.

    Have fun!

    do you have the original scan images of the CY manual( i'm pretty sure they are resized when uploaded to the forum) if you could e-mail them to me I may be able to read them easier.

    Hi looking to buy a lathe just like yours i am told the longitudinal feed is not working do you know if there is a shear pin or how this is driven?
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