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  • i want to friend you because you have the coolest screen name ever! i wish i had thought of that! I used to run one!!! ^.^

    I have started scraping and came across a post you made with regards to your knowledge of pull scraping.

    There is quite allot of info on push scraping but hardly any on pull scraping.

    Would you mind giving me some more info on the techniques and tools that you use?

    Kindest Regards

    Hi, I am messaging you in desparation - primarily because I am not at all used to asking for help in this manner. There is a Schaublin 125 tailstock up for auction on ricardo.ch. I have signed up but will not be able to gain access in time to bid. i am looking for a European who may alrady have registered with ricardo to bid and pay on my behalf. i will forwadr funds immediately the auction is won.

    Only two days l;eft - not much hope that you will check your private messages in time - but I am desparate.

    My email is [email protected]

    With regards. Owen Wood. USA
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