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  • Hello Ted,
    Let me know how you solved the error '6' overflow problem. I am dealing with the same issue. Thanks, Seg.
    Thanks for your "like." There were a few ideas in my post. Was there anything particular that I said which stood out for you?

    Best regards,

    I'm between Havre and Chester on hwy 2...plenty of Antelope here! Lot's of mulies.....less whitetail than last year.
    Hi Smallshop.

    I noticed from your avatar that you are located in North Central Montana. As you can tell from my screen name, I am from Michigan. However, I own some land (old family howmstead) just north of Winnett.

    Completely off-topic from machining, but I was wondering if you are from that area, and if you can tell me how the antelope population looks for the coming year.
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