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  • Rich,

    Address is: 1422 S. Western Rd. Stillwater, OK 74074.

    Looking forward to seeing the DVD and booklet. I'll probably also go up on Thursday and stay in a motel there for the duration rather than driving up and back every day. I'll also check with Nick to see if there's anything else I can help with.

    I meant next month, next year. I will be flying in to Tulsa on Thursday the 5th. Nick says he has a couple of ways to sharpen the blades. He has bought a Biax Scraper and Flaker, several blades and a new surface plate. I will be bring a couple of straight edges and 4 biax scrapers, 3 handscrapers, flakers. We should be ready to go. Do you have my DVD? I will send you a copy and the work booklet next week too. Whats your address? Merry Christmas. Rich
    Good morning...
    All set for the class next week? Do you have any scraping tools you're bringing? I also need to know how you want your graduation certificate name to be??
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