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  • Hello Bruce, I read your posts with interest. In one of your posts you mentioned that you were going to experiment with a Has converter, did anything ever come of that? Bob
    Hi, Bruce.

    Just thanking you again and letting you know that all seems pretty well. Occasionally the lathe is slow to get started, and I'll shut it down before it throws the relay and next time it fires right up. I called Anilam tech support (see my message in general) and the guy told me how to reprogram my 450 (a mill unit) to a 450L (lathe unit) via software. Thrilled with that. Anyway, it's all good, or at least good-ish. The only other thing that I've discovered about the lathe that I really don't much like is that the slowest carriage feed (not cross-slide, but carriage) is 2.4 thou per revolution. That's pretty course in my opinion. I suppose I'll have to start buying larger radius cutters.

    Hope all is well with you!

    Hello, I am trying to build a RPC with a 5HP Fuji 3 Phase induction motor. I was reading some posts and was wondering if you had some info to help me?
    Thank you
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