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2001 TM-1 Manual & USB/Ethernet Floppy Emulator?


Jun 8, 2010
Vancouver, WA
I have a new to me low hours (600 on the spindle) 2001 TM-1. The Haas manual archive site doesn't have anything for the TM-1. Does anyone have another resource for a manual?

What's the best way to get code to the machine? I want to ditch the floppy. I've seen several out there. What are people using that is reliable?

Thank you in advance!
The Gotek floppy emulator is the usual choice for these by many. $24 on Amazon.
video: Upgrade Your Floppy Drive to USB
product: Redirecting to https://redirect.viglink.com?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2FGotek-SFR1M44-U100-1-44MB-Floppy-Emulator%2Fdp%2FB0762NCHC6%2Fref%3Dsr_1_2%3Fkeywords%3Dgotek%2Bfloppy%26qid%3D1638144474%26qsid%3D146-0845477-6235465%26sr%3D8-2%26sres%3DB0762NCHC6%252CB088ZT7J7G%252CB09H3MQ49G%252CB09H3NB14T%252CB01B1F763Q%252CB01B1DN1HS%252CB01B2CUO0K%252CB01B1A2O6U%252CB083FL1DNV%252CB01B1G51P0%252CB00RXEWOAA%252CB09JXTK632%252CB07VZFS24R%252CB077WXBBFV%252CB07BS85CN9%252CB081JVCP5K%26srpt%3DCOMPUTER_DRIVE_OR_STORAGE&key=a7e37b5f6ff1de9cb410158b1013e54a&prodOvrd=RAC&opt=false

The highland DNC/Drip setup is used by many, but there are others.
Highland DNC, LLC.

Manuals I usually google for. Not seeing much for toolroom or TM. I use the filetype:pdf option in the google search. Did they call this a mini-mill at somepoint? Search the archives here. I think it's come up before. It may be listed in with others in a collection PDF. By that I mean it seems to cover others besides just TM/MM here is a link that had the MM breakdowns and drawings in it.

If you use the gotek emulator, you will need to format the USB stick to 1.44Mb. It uses the USB physical hardware layer, but only gives you 1.44Mb of capacity still. They work around it by a system of 0 to 99 (if I recall) where you get 1.44 for FPY:0 and hit the button, and you get 1.44 on FPY:1, to FPY:99 something like that. get the DNC unit or one like it. many like that option.