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Early Hardinge HLV for sale - central Texas


Apr 18, 2006
Austin, TX
Hardinge HLV For Sale - Central Texas. Early English built HLV converted to VFD drive and runs off of 220 volts (like a dryer or welder plug). Has the original taper attachment but no foot, 5C collet closer and a 3 jaw chuck. Also have the 4 way tool post for it. The good - it runs smoothly and works. The bed is in good shape and not too much compound backlash. The bad - the paint - it is falling off in sheets. The lathe has been in storage for the last couple of years and I spray it down with Boeshield every couple of months and keep it covered but it does need a good cleaning (and paint). Presently located in Dime Box and I have a fork lift for loading. $1800 or will trade for colts with snake names or nice older smiths or combos with cash. Just like things that are interesting and not plastic. I am presently lathe poor so need to get a couple out of the way.


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