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Enco 110-1351 Apron Oil Level


Dec 21, 2023
I am trying to figure out where the oil level should be set on my Enco 1340 metal lathe. There is a fill and a drain, but no bullseye or level plug that I can see. Can anybody help? I can't find anything in the manual.


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I have the same lathe and mine has a sight glass about an inch or so up from the bottom. I will take a picture of it for reference when I head down to the shop.
Normally I would guess drain and fill until it runs out the fill port. Maybe NCJeeper can bend a wire and put it in the fill port and measure how far down it is to the oil level. That is how some car differentials are checked.
Some lawn mower engines have a dipstick built into the oil fill cap similar to a power steering cap. Car batteries have a sleeve down from the fill port and when it touches the liquid electrolyte the circle changes to a weird shape and you know there is a enough liquid down there. To make these work someone has to figure out the correct level and match the indicator to that.
Bill D
I will come up with something now that I know the level. I might remove the apron and drill and tap for a set screw to pull and make sure it overflows. I will need to move my way oiler points anyway when I add a DRO.
Do you have this same plug on the gear side of the headstock? Mine is leaking oil out of this area. It appears that there was a hole there and this plug was used to fill the hole. I put a bolt with a copper cashier in the center thread thinking maybe the oil was coming from the threaded hole, but oil keeps collecting in the plug area. There aren't any leaks above it. 20240103_171805.jpg20240103_172006.jpg
Nevermind...I removed the top cover and realized this is a shaft with gears on it. I used a freeze plug and pounded it in the hole to seal it up. No more oil leaks.