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Series of machine: FP
Size of machine: 4
Year of machine: approx. 197X
Measuring standard: metric
Taper: ISO40
Input voltage: 380V 3 phase
Cabinet style: left side
Color of machine: mean machine green
Condition of machine: Looks ok, still to be evaluated in detail
Major acc's: optical swing table
Primary use: hobbiest-prototyping
Country: Sweden
Comments: My last mill?


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Brand of machine : Schaublin
Series of machine: 13
Size of machine: na
Style of machine: ( three dial )
Year of machine: (1970')
Serial number of machine: ( 266418 )
Measuring standard: (metric)
Taper: ISO 30 vert and horz
Input voltage: 380
Cabinet style: Std orginal Elec.
Color of machine: Orginal gray other than badly painted milling head and chip pan
Condition of machine: very good
Major acc's: Rotary table with tailstock, indexer with 3 jaw, vises, 13-11-200 drilling quill
Primary use: start-up prototyping
City, Country: Oslo, Norway
Comments: imported from Zürich with a good collection of tooling. Will be adding a DRO
Brand of machine: Aciera
Series of machine: F3
Year of machine: 60s/possible early 70s
Serial number of machine: 34621
Measuring standard: metric
Taper: W20
Input voltage: 230-400 (or as it would have been labelled when the machine was made: 220-380)
Cabinet style: no ext cabinet
Color of machine: grey, vertical head green
Condition of machine: fair-good
Major acc's: simple fixed table, high speed head, overarm support for horizontal arbor, rotary table
Primary use: hobby
City, Country: Gothenburg, Sweden
Comments: Also have Myford Super 7, Schaublin 102 (W20), two small Ixion drill presses, small basement workshop, cramped, walking into pipes under ceiling daily - resulting in hair now partially worn out on top of head.
Fp 42 nc

Last year I got it going in limited use,but kept going on soft ware and drive problems . This year it's been very helpful in making many projects . The size and machine mass is helpful with set ups and tool stability . This was save from the scrape pile . 100_0162.jpg Thanks for your help and to the Deckel Doctor [ Don s.] Mike
Abene (2x)
Series of machine: VHF-2, and VHF-3
Style of machine: Universal
Year of machine: 1951 and 1970
Measuring standard: Imperial
Taper: NMTB40 on both
Input voltage: 220 3-ph
Color of machine: dark gray and blue/green
Condition of machine: Well used and good
Major acc's: none (yet), 3-axis DRO on the wish-list
Primary use: Hobbiest, job-shop stuff
Comments: The VHF-2 is the "original" model with foot-mounted spindle motor as opposed to the in-ram mounted spindle motor. The VHF-2's spindle motor is 1.6kW if I recall. VHF-2 has a 5-position spindle switch, and a 3-position feed switch. The 5-position spindle switch allows 2 different RPM's for the same gear selection of the gearbox in the ram. The VHF-2 is well-used, don't have much time on it. The VHF-3 is in good condition, awaiting some TLC to the knee (it's a bit stiff).
Photo of the VHF-2:
Photo of the VHF-3:
May be the oldest deckle on this register.
model FP pre FP1
no. 3006.
horizontal only.
tilting swivelling table.
back gear countershaft to head
speeds 18of 35 to1140. stripped at present for repainting

Aciera F5 3.jpg
Brand of machine: Aciera
Series of machine: F5
Size of machine: 20 x 13 x 16.5 (500 x 325 x 420 mm) travels
Style of machine: universal
Year of machine: 70s-80s
Serial number of machine: ??
Measuring standard: inch
Taper: NMTB40
Input voltage: 575 three phase (Canadian standard)
Cabinet style: no cabinet
Color of machine: grey
Condition of machine: good
Major acc's: vertical head, horizontal overarm, low table, vertical table, universal table (& can trade fixed table from the F4)
Primary use: hobbiest (engine models, parts for machinery restoration), prototyping (various inventions for my employer), lab mechanical test fixtures.
City, Country: SF Bay Area, California, USA
Comments: This sits alongside my F5, described above
The serial number of my F5 in the post immediately above is 32919. That is 12168 before the serial number of my F4, which is 45087. Did Aciera build 12168 mills between the two? I find that hard to believe, since both mills are the same square-casting design that came between the final really-square casting design and the old rounded F4 design. Even the electricals in the two mills are/were practically identical (I replaced the electricals in the F4).

The Comments line for the F5 should read:

Comments: This sits alongside my F4, described above
More of horology sized thing but freakishly expensive, european and called milling machine ;)

Late model Aciera F1
SN 55.187
Manufactured 1983
Came with tilting table, tilting wise/table mount and wise.
I've recently moved to Deckel from Schaublin and love it :D

Brand of machine: Deckel
Series of machine: FP
Size of machine: 2
Style of machine: Two dial
Year of machine: 1966
Serial number of machine: 5147
Measuring standard: Imperial
Taper: ISO40
Input voltage: 380-440
Cabinet style: no cabinet
Color of machine: Grey
Condition of machine: Great
Major acc's: U'table-indexer
Primary use: Prototyping-production
City, Country: Beccles / UK
Comments: Great machine and now like it more than my Schaublin 13's
Brand: Deckel
Series: FP2
Style of Machine: Older, two double dials type for speed and feed, X axis 500 mm travel, motor located internally.
Year of Machine: 1964 (thanks Ballen)
Serial Number: 4085
Measuring Standard: Imperial but has DRO.
Taper: SK40
Voltage: Has been converted to 230V single phase (new 3Hp motor installed and controls upgraded).
Color: Mouse Grey, condition very good except for head that had been touched up with different shade.
Condition of Machine: Very good, was used in a college and after that by hobby machinist.
Major Accessories: Just came with fine boring head fitted, Tilt and swivel table, 3 Axes Anilam Microwizard DRO, MT4 dividing head with chuck, overarm, 3 index plates etc, Newer SK40 dividing head (sourced elsewhere), Jones and Shipman vice, Allen rotary table, Horizontal milling overarm and selection of short and long arbors, Clarkson Autolock chuck and set of collets, set of 24 standard Deckel type imperial collets.

Primary use: Hobby
City: Shannon

PS. Thanks to Ballen for his extensive Deckel knowledge.
Country: IrelandFront.JPGBack.JPGControls.jpgHead.jpgAccessories.jpg
Brand of machine: MAHO
Series of machine: MH400E
Size of machine: (400 x 275 x 350 mm) travels
Style of machine: universal
Year of machine: 1986
Serial number of machine: 42.496
Measuring standard: metric
Taper: ISO40 (DIN 68781 with ISO 7388 Type B pull studs)
Input voltage: 400V three phase
Cabinet style: Integrated.
Color of machine: Reseda Green
Condition of machine: Excellent
Major acc's: Standard rigid table.
Primary use: hobbiest
City, Country: Vienna, Austria
Comments: Came out of a Technical school in Passau, DE, with unserviceable controller.

Brand of machine Deckel
Series of machine: FP
Size of machine: 1
Style of machine: Two Dial
Year of machine: Early 70's
Serial number of machine: (50940/28)
Measuring standard: (imperial)
Taper: SK40
Input voltage: 220/380V 3 phase
Cabinet style: External
Color of machine: Original Grey
Condition of machine: Great
Primary use: Hobby
City, Country: Santa Cruz, USA
Comments: (Very nice fixture for scales, but Deckel plate was removed to accommodate)

Major acc's:
Acu-Rite DRO
Optical Centering Scope
Horizontal Overam
Vertical Head
Angular Spindle Head
High-Speed Vertical Spindle Head
Slotting Head
Indexing attachment
Rigid table
Tilting table
Dividing head (complete)
Rotary table
Spiral milling table (complete)
Centricator CIII (complete)
Wholhaupter UPA3 (complete)
Punch milling kit (complete)
3 Jaw Chuck
4" vice
6" vice
Cabinet (two door)
Collets, arbours, clamps etc (99% complete)


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Hi All -

I picked this up recently and am looking forward to getting it under power!
Brand of machine Deckel
Series of machine: FP
Size of machine: 1
Style of machine: Two Dial
Year of machine: Early 70's?
Serial number of machine: (51729/28)
Measuring standard: (imperial)
Taper: SK40
Accessories: Angle table, rotary table, indexing attachment, vise.
Input voltage: 220V 3 phase
Cabinet style: External
Color of machine: Original Grey
Condition of machine: Great
Primary use: Hobby
City, Country: Vista, USA
Comments: I am planning to re-power this machine. I will be posting the motor and cabinet in the for sale area if anyone is interested.


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Brand of machine: Deckel
Series of machine: FP1
Size of machine: 1
Style of machine: levers for speed, 8 change gears for feeds
Year of machine: 1935
Serial number of machine: 8025
Measuring standard: metric
Taper: MT4
Input voltage: 380 Volt 3-phase, Siemens
Color of machine: green
Condition of machine: fair-to-good
Major acc's: only basic, horizontal table and vertical head
Primary use: hobby
City, Country: Belgrade, Serbia
Comments: still doing inspection, cleaning and light use




Brand of machine : INTOS

Series of machine: FNGJ

Size of machine: FNGJ20

Style of machine: ?

Year of machine: 1995

Measuring standard: metric

Taper: iso40 din2080

Input voltage: 400V

Cabinet style: Cabinet mounted in the side.

Color of machine: Orange/White

Condition of machine: Great

Major acc's:
Box/fixed table
Slotting head
Tilt table
Dividing head
Dividing tabel
High speed quill (Iso30)
Long Arbors for horizontal spindle.
Arbor support bearing.

Ordinary accessories:
Narex vhu36-56 boring head.
D'andrea ta120 boring head.
2x meca dividing head.
meca Rotary table.
Iso30+Iso40 collets.
+ Allot of other tools

Orginal 3 axis Heidenhein dro

Primary use: Hobby

Country: Made in Czechoslovakia

A story about the mill :
The mill were bought in 1995 for a repair shop in a local CD/DVD factory.
It had only seen very little use.
The company closed in 2010, and the mill had been stored in the shop until I bought it in 2020, for 2200$.
It came with brand new, complete set of meca dividing head, meca dividing table, vise, boring head, collets and normal tools for a mill.
For me, a once in a lifetime purchase.
It's a super precise and strong mill. I'm very satisfied with it. [emoji4]

Best regards


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Brand of machine LUTHY (Ed luthy s a SWISS )
Series of machine: LF 10
Size of machine: 2
Style of machine: dial
Year of machine: 1970,s
Serial number of machine: 10046
Measuring standard: metric
Taper: ISO 30
Control model for NC's:
Input voltage: 415
Cabinet style: no cabinet
Color of machine: grey
Condition of machine: -good-
Major acc's: D’andrea 120 boringbhead , Hoffman 8” rotary table , Easson DRO tba
Primary use: competition motorcycles
Comments: Rescued from street sale on a rare sunny st.Patrick’s day in south London , currently being re-wired to a better standard and having several decades of good old preserving grease yolk removed.