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G454 Helical Threading cycle details (thread milling).


Oct 23, 2005
Lillehammer, Norway
I am trying to figure out the High speed canned cycle for thread milling on my NLX. The manual leaves a little to be desired.
I can't figure out which letter is the thread pitch. I think it is Q but not really sure.

G454 X_ Y_ Z_ R_ H_ I_ J_ K_ Q_ C_ U_ V_ W_ A_ D_ F_ E_ M_;

This is how I read it for G17:
X,Y = Centre of the hole.
Z,R,H & K = Depths for start etc.
I,J = Thread OD / ID at the top and bottom.
Q might be the pitch (mm/rotation of the helical motion) ??.
C = Thread height (radial engagement of cutter).
U = Approach (radial movement during the arc into and out of the thread.
V = Cut depth radially per pass.
W = Finish allowance radially.
A = Dividing angle (how many degrees is segment is when doing a taper thread. The motion is not a true helix but part of a circle).
D = Tool radius offset number
F = Feed
E = Finishing feed
M = Modal command (M1 causes cycle to repeat at next coordiate, G400 cancel the modal).

The example in the book is not good as it doesn't show a drawing with dimensions.