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Hi All--Newbie here on the 10EE front

Hi all, thanks for your help and thoughts so far on my newbie 10EE topic. I am now going to prepare myself for some serious eye-rolling, though. I'll explain...

This 1940 SN7700 round-dial Sundstrand drive machine is now powered (had to upgrade my inverter to a 5HP motor, first off). I've turned the single electrical "MOTOR" switch to the left, or toward "FORWARD" on the plate surrounding the switch and the main FORWARD/REVERSE lever.

Now for the eye-rolling: I don't know how to get the spindle turning. The 3HP motor in the lathe is running no problem (TBD whether I've got it running the right direction, that's later--). If I push the main MOTOR F/R lever to the left, i.e. "FORWARD", nothing happens; no sound or motion, no Sundstrand motion yet. I'd really appreciate a basic-basic-BASIC tutorial please, on what the heck do I do next to get the spindle going! Do I need to spin the big spindle speed wheel clockwise a bunch? (I'm somewhat hesitant to do that, because I know that once years ago my brother had a visitor with a little kid, and while they were talking the kid grabbed the wheel and turned it CCW a whole bunch, which so I understand 'screwed up' the wheel behavior thereafter (messed up the flexible-shaft mech, I reckon). But I know it does work fine CW, I'm just not sure if that's what I ought to do next. Don't want it to inadvertently start up the spindle running crazy-fast or anything...).

My older brother ran this lathe for about 50 years, his pride and joy, and he very much wanted me to have it when the proverbial time came. He passed away about a week ago, and was not communicative for a long time prior to that unfortunately. We did a few 'intro lessons' several years ago when he was able, but they don't seem to have stuck with me very well. So, please do roll your eyes, I deserve it, and then please let me know what you think I need to do next. Thanks guys---Charley in Colorado
Question, if I've got the 3ph motor in the lathe running the 'wrong' direction (50/50 chance at present, I think), and thus running the Sundstrand in the 'wrong' direction via the belt drive between them, will that screw me up here? Thanks--