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Okuma Genos L2000-e With OSP-300PLA-e Control X-axis Live Tool Tapping Problem

charlie gary

Oct 4, 2009
near Seattle, Washington, USA
I'm programming and running the machine mentioned above, and I'm having an issue with X-axis live tool tapping. The issue is when feeding into or out of the hole the machine seems to be feeding in inches per minute mode instead of inches per revolution. Here's a copy of the code the machine creates for itself. It's a 6-32 tap for those who are curious.

N0100 M110
N0101 M146 M15 M08
N0102 G00 X0.7 Z-0.25 T0707 SB=443
N0103 C0
N0104 G138 C0
N0105 G00 Y0
N0106 G178 X-0.3 Y0 Z-0.25 C0 I0 F1 J32
N0107 Z-1.04
N0108 G180
N0109 G00 X0.35 Y0 Z-1.04
N0110 G136
N0111 M12 M09
N0112 M109
N0113 X20 Z20 T0700
N0114 M01
Your F1 is wrong. For IPM a 6-32 tap running at 443 rpm should have a feed of F13.843. If you use a G95 to switch it to feed per rev your feed should be F.0312