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Okuma MC-4VA - 201-Z ALARM A


Jan 31, 2014
Indiana, USA
I've got an Okuma MC-4VA with a "201-Z Alarm A Servo Amp 2E6" alarm that I can't get it to reset.
- There is a page for Alarm "201" "Alarm A", however I can't find anything about a "201-Z" or "Servo Amp 2E6".

Opened up the rear box and there are no lights on on the Z-axis "BL-D(30)A" control board.

There IS power going to the connectors from the DC-Power Supply board, regardless of whether the breaker to the right of the DC-PS is turned on or off.
- However, the voltages do seem to vary once the breaker is turned off.

According to the manual, if when the breaker to the DC-PS is turned off and the green light stays on, then the DC-PS needs replaced.

A few questions that I can't seem to find through online searches or the manuals:
- If the DC-PS is bad, how is it still powering X & Y?
- Is there a way to double check the DC-PS to know that's what is at fault? (Gosiger has priced me a new DC-PS but I’d like a second opinion before ordering it.)
- Is there a fuse on the DC-PS that I should check?
- Can a bad motor cause the above error?

Google URL Shortener pics regarding machine and errors
I thought I had posted this yesterday with pictures, but I can't seem to find it.

According to Gosiger, who is our area rep for Okuma, if there is light going to the DC-PS, than the issue is probably the Z-axis.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 9.00.39 AM.jpg

He suggested that if I have 200volts going to the Z-drive via the harness, then the Z-drive is the issue.

I currently have them quoting me a new one, but would it be the same thing if I found one on ebay for a fraction of the cost? Or does the drive have to be programmed?
Talked to a tech and they suggested that if the DC-PS had lights that it'd be the Z-axis drive.

I had it quoted at something just under $5k. Checked on Ebay and found a Y-axis for around $700. All the numbers matched the Z-axis.

I purchased and installed it and it's now currently running.

Anyone know of any good places to repair the old drive?