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SC36 retrofit, servos questions


Oct 18, 2009
Helping someone evaluate upgrading a massive SC36 to new controls to bring it back to life. Haven't been able to find any specs on the Peerless-Winsmith servos. We haven't torn into things but I assume there is a gearbox--maybe planetary?--in front of those servos. It's hard to imagine they could have gotten sufficient torque otherwise. Just wondering what our best options are for replacement. I've been thinking maybe cogged belts with encoders on the screw end, similar to a Cinci 30x80 we did recently.

I found one video online of a refit with Num controls. It appears they direct drove the screws with the new servos. They certainly used some massive motors (at least 7.5kW) and I hate to think what those and drives cost new. This machine would not be in daily use so the budget to resurrect it is relatively modest. I do have some 14kW A-B drives and motors, but that seems like overkill for something that does not need to move very fast.

Appreciate any info anyone can share.

Z motor is 183-18-0237-0 if it helps.
Where are you? I have 2 that are both retrofitted. There is a guy in OK that does good work. Also I am scrapping an SC36 and an SC28 next week