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The End of Politics

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Cast Iron
May 17, 2013
I may get CANNED by the Moderators for this; but I have been down this road with another PM member before and there is nothing to gain here.
Every single one of us are a part of this Forum, and Every single one of us are a part of this Country and this Planet. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong opinion about anything whatsoever. The difference is whether I am willing to respect YOUR opinion and whether YOU are willing to respect mine. The only reason I am a part of this forum is because I have spent 45 yrs in the Professional Woodworking Industry and 20 yrs ago I met one of the most incredible Machinist in the southeastern United States. He is totally responsible for where I am at today in the Manual Machine Work trade. Although we had an alarming difference of opinion regarding our Republican and Democratic political views;
NOT ONE SINGLE TIME in the 17 yrs I knew Mr. Pais (before his passing) did we EVER cross that line of disrespect regarding each others views. We listened to each other and we spent a many hours sharing each others opinions; But;
we were always open minded. The day we buried Mr. Pais, I was closer to him than I was my own father; (very scary) but,
Politics were never a threat.
This forum exists because of all the incredible individuals who have become a part of it. And Every Single One of Us are part of this Family;
We are so much bigger than these senseless attacks.
It's time to move on to our true purpose here---
I get where you are coming from. There was a time where people didn't openly discuss politics or religion. If they did it was with respect and dignity for one another. My fiancee's brother has turned everything political in the last few years, he is also a self proclaimed agnostic. He has prioritized his political beliefs to such an extent that he refuses to be around me because I have different viewpoints. The crazy thing is that I never was the one to turn a conversation political. I don't mind having an adult conversation about politics but so few are able to operate in such a manner.

It's easy. Stop being around them and explain your choice in the most respectful way possible.
Not open for further replies.