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  • Ken
    Im interested on the chuck...I'm trying to figue out what to barder with to help with the offset of cost...Does it come with a backing plate that is L-00? Thanks for the offer Paul
    By the way I'll be in the Columbus area in a few weeks and if we can get this worked out perhaps we can meet up and make the exchange
    The L-00 mount is built into the chuck. Not removable. if you have a email address, send and I'll get some pictures taken of the chuck and send. BTY- I'm a pretty good ways from Columbus from my place down here in Victoria. But you never know, may drive up anyways. my email address is [email protected]. Ken
    [email protected]...Thxs
    I would like to speak to you to get an idea of what we might be able to barder for along with some coin in your purse...would this work for you? Paul
    Hobbies, interests. etc
    I read in different post that you had drawings for cross feed screw on south bend 13 with taper attachment.
    would you mind sharing them with me?

    Send me a email address and I'll send if I can still find it. I have a copy of it here somewhere.
    Hello sir do you have dimensions for a PH-6 thread? I don't know how to PM. Thank you for in advance
    Hi Ken,
    I worked for Drilco on Holmes Rd. in the 60's. I think you are the only person that might remember some of my stories. If you get this and want to reply my email is [email protected]. If you're interested I would be glad to give you my phone number.

    It will be $20.95. Sorry the shipping seems high, but it is the USPS flat rate box @$10.95. I never attempt to profit from shipping. Payment can be sent to rkward[at]yahoo.com via paypal.

    Hey Ken,

    Where can I source the latest edition of Drilco RSC Book from? What would be the price? I remember you quoting $800 in one of your posts.

    Also, Please can you suggest me where I can find information on

    PH6 connections
    XT connections

    Many thanks in advance for your time and effort.
    Best regards,
    gday Mate. Saw your post, "if the Australian Government would give back your gun rights everything would be good". Must say I do agree although we can still own firearms. Here in my state, South Australia, we have never had the right to own handguns without good reason. This meant being in a handgun club and attending a certain number of shoots each year. Security personnel can own their own as well. I have a few guns now but they do make it hard to acquire. You have to buy and then send a form off to the police to get approval to acquire a firearm.This can take a couple of weeks. What it led me to do was get a full set so I will have whatever I need for whatever hunting whenever. So I have a 22LR a 243Win a 308Win and a 177 air rifle as well. All I need is a shotgun. Our laws need a change I think but it will be a gently gently process to have more reasonable laws in place.
    I have an Axelson 16 x 126 that I have had for 12 years. I rescued it from the scrap pile. It is a 1948 and I am the second owner! I would like a copy of the manual if you could send it to [email protected]. This lathe is very well built. Thanks
    I have just tried to run phase conversion (20hp) from 100 amp house service and stalled it with my 16x54 Axelson. I don't have a manual yet. My Electrician is a sawmill Veteran and believes we pushed the rush amperage. The phase converter runs perfect on this setup till I hit the start button and hear a Gosh-Awful scream from said idler motor.
    He will come over again and check the Furnace Mag Starter and Lathe Motor it's a (7.5hp). This thing ran for previous owner and is clean as a whistle inside the headstock. I ran one of these in La Marque TX as an apprentis in a job shop 20yrs ago. Only Machine that didn't need constant maintainence so I bought one for my little Job shop. I have an 18x122 that works fine (noisy) but won't fit in this house shop. Got any ideas, trouble shooting or otherwise?
    Hey Ken, man I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the advice on how to adjust the clutch on my axelson lathe. I got it adjusted and it has put my mind at ease; I was afraid of having to replace the clutches but so far so good. Thanks again for the help and if I can ever return the favor please let me know and I will do my best.

    Thanks Again,

    Todd Goff
    Message continued.....
    Also how straight is the bar starting off with. It needs to be straighten to where it is fairly strraight. 300-500 RPM is about right for cutting threads. Any faster than this you are asking for trouble.

    This has come up many times over the past 50+ years. It's just not feasiable to do. You still have a problem with rigidity of the fixture. Its takes lots of power to push a 4 or 5 pitch threading insert into a thread having to bury it nearly .108" deep in it's final passes. Even if you went back to thread milling RSC's you still have to have a rigidt setup. Next would be the timing of the thread and the taper of the thread. By the time you invest money into servo drives and controller, your talking about a down payment for a CNC lathe before building the machine. Not trying to discourage the idea of doing it. Going back to the days of cutting RSC's on long small diameter drill string compoents, we used to have two to three floating roller rests set up to support the pipe of bar while cutting the joints. Maybe a another way to look at it. Use polyutherane rollers on the roller rests, your bars will turn with very little vibration. Ken
    Hi Ken,
    The bar is heavy so we get too much vibration on the spindle when we try to speed up. It takes us 30 min to make one male 4 1/2 because we can´t speed up the machine. With rotating tools the bar would be still and without vibration. The bar weighs around 1 ton.
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