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  • Jim,how long have you lived in Canada?
    The reason I ask is that in the early 60's I had a friend I went to school with named Jim Christie and he was originally from Canada.Last I herd he was in Coco/Melbourne Florida area.Most likely not the same guy but you never know!
    Dear Jim
    I saw your postings about Ludlow Manufacturing and F/O Charles (Chic) Craigie, RCAF. He was my father's best friend at Ludlow High Ludlow. My father tried to enlist with Chic the in RCAF, but was sent back as he had an appointment in a service academy. I grew up with hearing about Chic all the time - they played soccer together.
    Chic's parents suffered greatly after Chic's loss during the war. When his father died after the war, his mother returned to Quebec. I regualrly received $5 (canadian) for my birthday and christmas until her death in the 1970s.
    After Chic's death, his personal belong's were returned to my father. I treasure, as my father did, his spare set of headphones and his father bible from WWI.
    I was out in Ludlow and amid the flags set out at the war memorial was a Canadian Flag for Charles Craigie. Until my grandfather died in 1974, the flag was the old red ensign Canadian flag.
    [email protected]
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