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  • Do you still have the scroll compressor? Thinking about getting one and was wondering your thoughts? Want it to run my cnc plasma and air tools.
    Hi macona, Do you still have that PAR compressor that you posted about a few years ago? I came across what I think is one down in Springfield OR, could you take a look and confirm that for me. If you still have yours, anyway you could post a pic of it. Thanks CB
    I just saw your avatar. Wow, that is a beautiful color on your lathe (Monarch?) Any chance you could post a bigger picture of it? Or email me the picture at [email protected]. I have a Graziano I'm thinking of repainting; sure would look good in that color! Thanks, Bill
    I noticed your response on the welding forum about how to convert a foot pedal on a tig machine, so I'll assume you're the right person for this questioni. I have a Lincoln Squarewave Tig 175 that works great except post flow argon is permanent, never shutting off. The control voltage is 18 volts, and two wires go to the pedal. Do you think I could use the returning signal from the pedal switch to also trigger a SPST delay off relay that will switch off the gas solenoid? I've been told that adding this relay coil load will affect the rest of the circuit board. Any help or ideas you have will be very appreciated.

    The AB DC drive on my 10EE died so I decided to retrofit an AC servo motor after seeing your post on the conversion. I picked up a Mitsubishi MR-H350AN drive and am currently looking for a compatible 3.5kw motor. The manual specs an HC-SF352 or 353 for this drive. I found an HC-SFS352, but I don't know if it's compatible. I think the main difference is the encoder resolution. Do you know if the SFS version can be used with the MR-H series drives?

    I'm also trying to locate the Honda connectors without much luck. Where did you source those?

    Finally, are you able to access/alter the drive parameters via PC? If so, what is needed to do so?

    I appreciate any help you may have to offer with this project.

    Marc Micllef
    I may have the opportunity to purchace a newer Miller Synchrowave 250 DX tig welder very inexpensively. I have wanted to learn how to tig weld since I was a teenager. A long time! Unfortunately, it is an industrial welder and is currently wired three phase.

    Nearly that long ago, I learned to stick weld on a very old lincoln three phase welder with a moving core. we ran that one on 22o split. It was a great welder!

    Realizing the fundimental difference between these welders, and your background with welders in your prior employment, I hope you can answer my question.

    Would the miller synchrowaves power supply hold up if it was powered by 220 split? I understand the duty cycle would be compromised. Would there be any other features compromised?

    Thanks in advance,
    John Gill
    I'd like to send money for the lever before they are all sold. Drop me a PM with info , Thanks Tom
    Noticed in a thread that you had a speed control resistor. Is this still avaible???
    if so I am interested. I just got a 1947 10EE MG drive. We have the MG running but not the drive motor and I don't want to press the issue with the control resistor in pieces. I will start a new thread when I get my camera fixed. Thanks for your time .
    Chuck Hudson
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