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  • Hello Tod,
    I was looking at an old forum that you had asking about the old rad lab mit books i was wondering if you are still interested or looking for a full set i have all the editions plus the index (edition 28).
    Sam westfall
    They are used but in good condition two of them have the original paper coating on it that they came with. I am seeing a lot of different prices out there what price were you thinking.
    Sam westfall
    I can send pictures if you give me an email address
    Thanks for the offer of photos, I have been out of town, hence my not getting back to you sooner. My email is [email protected]
    I look forward to seeing them.
    All The Best
    Todd Warriner
    Hello, I read in this forum you published in 2013 you had documentation for the SIP-1-EE EDM, do you still have it, I would like to know if is there a way to get a copy of the manuals you have, if possible, best regards.
    greetings Todd
    I recently took delivery of a Mitsui Seiki 4B jig borer. I have zero documentation on this machine. Any chance you would have informative paper on this series?

    all good wishes

    What do you think of the Deckel ?? Is this a machine you would buy?
    Where would I get any needed tooling?
    Bill Kimbrough
    Yes it the Deckel from Northwood. I can't use it as the ratio are wrong for my application. Still haven't totally got the bird poo off of it. Doug
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