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Brown & Sharpe No.10 cylindrical grinder?

Well, I finally got it drug home. Not really much to update. Does appear that the coolant pump might be missing. And the universal joints that drive the headstock look pretty clapped out.

Only one picture for now. While waiting to get loaded at HGR my wife called to tell me that one of the kids was sick at daycare. So it was a rush you get on the road.

To John's comment, the back rests are in the truck. Didn't want them to fall off on the journey home.

While I'm thinking of it, what oil should I be looking for? I'd assume some weight of Velocite.
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While I'm thinking of it, what oil should I be looking for? I'd assume some weight of Velocite
The #4 Universal got a mix of 6 and 10 since the 3B jig Bore wanted # 8 in the top gear box ( I suppose you refer to the grinding wheel bearings)

These by the way came up to comfortable temp that you could lay your hand on. I fitted them to about .0005 difference on dia. from bronze to steel. ( I cheated and ground up a "bluing tool" to use in scrapeing the bronze). The #4 had 2" bearing journals. Very good practice to bring the wheel up to speed in "approaches" using the stop / start button.

Its not unusal for a super fine low volume mist of Velocite to be emtted

And thanks for the good back rest photo
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Maybe I'll just try it with #10 once I get to it. I'm not sure where it is setup speed wise, appears from the old ad that it came originally with four different spindle pulleys.

The back rests are interesting. Looking at the patent I see that the actual shoes that run against the part are missing. But shouldn't be terribly difficult to fabricate.
Back rest patent

Now I'm glad that I picked up a batch of carriers, so one less thing to find.
I'm very tempted, I had to slap myself :D. Key-righst, I've got stuff lined up out the door I've got to get to. I might get it all wrapped up by the time they nail my lid closed.

I do have the Cincy 10x24 universal in that list btw, so I should have that area covered.
my B&S #10 "not 10N" is in incredible condition just need schematic to see were a few parts look like
Thank You
im missing parts were the holes are on the column


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Hello, im looking for a manual or such for B&S TC grinder #10 not 10N.
Thank You
Alec Ryals
You might post some pics of yours, to confirm this is what you're looking for. If it is, I might suggest a new thread, as its a different type of machine verse the op's #10 here in this thread. A #10 TC grinder:

I only found a 16 page brochure for a TC grinder, is this it ? :

The pdf: