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Esprit Error - Invalid Connection to the KBM Database


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Jun 28, 2023
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Mighty brains of the forum,

My seat of Esprit is having a brain fart. When I start it, after clicking "OK" on my license page, I get an error message telling me that Esprit has an invalid connection to the KBM database.

I don't know how essential KBM ("knowledge-based machining," I think?) is, but my seat is running VERY slowly (both 2023 versions 1 and 2). I even uninstalled 2023 and reinstalled 2022. Same KBM error, marginal speed improvement...but still slow (giving me the spinny circle of death for several seconds just because I clicked "OK" after editing a lathe tool...and there aren't even any toolpaths yet!). My gut is telling me that the KBM error might have something to do with the tortoise syndrome.

Anyone else have any issue like this? Or is this normal behavior (I'm still pretty green regarding Esprit, but I don't remember it being this slow last time I used it)?

Additional info: I have an educational license. I also have Solidworks on this machine (which uses/installs Microsoft SQL server, a program that I think Esprit uses for KBM)

Any ideas/suggestions/snarky comments would be greatly appreciated
Update - think I figured it out.

There was an old Knowledge Base hiding in the Public Documents under the DP Technology folder. I deleted the folder then ran the Database Setup from the Esprit.KBMManager.exe found in C:\Program Files (x86)\D.P.Technology\ESPRIT\Prog

No longer get the warning upon start up; Esprit boots faster and seems like it's running properly now.