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Help understanding G43.4


Feb 26, 2019
Hey there,

I'm running a Mazak I-series (Smooth X) and having trouble with running a CAM program on a part which is not located in turning center.
Meaning, I use G54 which is not in center of rotation of the chuck. We've used our post for a long time and it's never an issue as long as the part has the WPC in XY0 (Center of rotation along Z).
Now that I set X and Y on the part, the machine seem to get lost when the C-axis turns.

Imagine Y0 is actually Y0 in C0, but Y0 would be Y-100 in C90 then the machine would show Y-100 in position while C is at 90, but machine coordinate shows Y0
Like the machine doesn't understand what's going on, nor me tbf.

If I run G68.2 the machine fully understands where the part is regardless of where the center of rotation would be, but that's for 3 axis work.

Another example would be this, where the machine overtravels in X in the G43.4 line.

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respectfully "i" isn't a series. could be an integrex i or a variaxis i, and the response may be different. i assume because you say turning center it is an integrex, but variaxis can actually turn too. i digress.

my suspicion is that you have f85 bit 2 set incorrectly on the machine regardless. this parameter determines whether or not the machine coordinate system rotates with the rotation of the c-axis or if it stays fixed to the machine axis when in g43.4.

normally the post vendor will put in the comments of the post what it needs to be set to, but that would be where I would start. whatever it is now switch it on/off and see what happens.