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How to Prototype Molded EPP Foam Parts?


Cast Iron
May 25, 2016
USA Prescott , Arizona
I have an engineer contact that reached out to me regarding getting some prototype parts cut from EPP foam. I thought about mounting a wood router to my mill but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble and refered him out to a local shop that has a 5 axis router.

Is there a way to mold prototype EPP foam parts without specialized equipment? I've seen 3d printed mold inserts can be used for prototyping injection molding hard plastics and I've seen the really basic small low pressure injection molding machines for hard plastics and they have decent results when they are used within their constraints. Is there a way to accomplish the same with EPP foam?
EPP foam beads are heat processed with steam or RF in your 3d print or other mould. Otherwise for lesser results it can be machined.
Can you use a urethane? There's a huge variety of types and properties out there, and for a prototype there's a lot of methods you could use to make molds.