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lodge and shipley, just bought, weight


Hot Rolled
Aug 9, 2011
new plymouth id
I put in bid on a hollow spindle lathe that I wasn't expecting to get and i got it so now I'm trying to find a weight its 17.5' and 6' wide with the motor mount it does say lodge and shipley power turn on the end of it. but im trying to guess a worst case scenario for quotinglathe.jpg
That has a DC motor for the spindle drive. I suspect the drive is shot. They are obsolete and I doubt you can repair them for a reasonable price. I suggest replacing the motor with a AC motor and run it off a VFD.
i just got the lathe here it did not have chucks I knew that when I bought it, I bet those cost more than the machine, It did have A taper attachment I posted it up in the monarch section because it had monarch all over it but its definitely a 2516. so not sure where to put it.