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Master programming prices.


Hot Rolled
Jun 17, 2007
Easton, PA
I asked earlier about what to charge hourly for lathe programming now that I've retired. I wrote a master program for a family of parts yesterday. I'm guessing it took around 6 hours to complete. Five different O.D. dimensions. The last three O.D.s have the same length. What varies is the length from the face to the first shoulder. I used two variables for the set-up person to modify at the beginning of the program because of the rare occasion when the length from the shoulder back to the end of the thread changes the thread length. Very rare but I allowed for it.

First I had to program rough and finish turn thread only as the thread roll comes in from the side and will bend the part if turned the full length. Then go rough and finish turn the rest of the part. There are two undercuts. I learned 35 years or so ago that the u-cuts couldn't be done in one shot as it would leave chips stuck to the sides of the u-cut.

Lots of double, triple and quadruple checking. I also use variables to control the O.D.s and on two of them I use two variables to control any taper on that diameter.

Now I have a program that can run thousands of parts. I would think a program like this is worth more than the normal hourly rate. Or am I just wishful thinking? Would you charge more?