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Mazak Quick Turn 8's Issues


Nov 15, 2022
Hello guys,

My name is Tyler Thomas. I am new to this board. I own a manufacturing business with some CNC equipment. I recently just became owner of two Mazak Quick Turn 8's with chip conveyors. The are both from 1987. I just got them both in my shop and wired them both up. (240V 3phase, 1 leg is 119.7V, Stinger leg is 216.5V, and the other leg is 120.0V)

Both machines power up when you turn the main breaker on, fans come on on the back panel. When you hit the green button on the controller you can hear a couple contactors come on in the back but the screen just sits there and flickers and or looks snowy. Not displaying anything. No hydraulic pump or anything come on (Both machines do the exact same thing) I replaced the batteries on both FX884A (one battery) & FX727 (One battery) boards. (That is all the batteries I can see) I replaced them with Kastar 2/3AA*3 3.6V 800mAh Ni-MH Batteries that are brand new and this did nothing different on the start up. I did notice when you push the green power on button on the controller the power off button will stay lit red. I noticed on a video it looked like the power off LED button will turn off when you hit the power on button. I have doubled checked the taps on both transformers and they both are set on 240V tap settings. I have both machines on two separate ground rods. The low voltage supply seems to check out also and all the 24v seem to check out. Also on the PD14C1 Power supply Module next to the boards all the test terminals (+5v, +12V, -12V, +24V, COM) all test out great and are within spec. there is no fault indicator lights on the AC Spindle Controller (Model FR-SE-2-7.5K) either.

Hoping someone on here has experienced this and or knows these old machines to help me out and getting them up and running.

Please note I have all all of the following manuals from Mazak for both machines.

Electric Wiring Diagram (Has parameters written down)
Maintenance Manual
Operating Manual
Mechanical Parts List
Mitsubishi Control Book (Also has all parameters inside)

Thanks again for everyone's time and look forward to hopefully getting some help.
When I first installed my lathe, the hydraulic pump wouldn't run. Two legs of the 3-phase needed to be swapped to get the direction correct. Might be worth checking...
The QT8's are great little machines, worth investing in to get them running.
Find a regional independent machine tool repair tech, and bring him in.

With two machines to tinker with, a competent tech should be able to get them up and running.

Mazak and Mitsubishi Electric Automation still support the older QT's, give them a call.