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Mikron UME vibration on X axis


Oct 24, 2022
Hello, I have mill Mikron UME 560 1995, (which should be very similar to Maho MH machines).

One month ago, bolt that was holding the gibb on X axis stripped and gibb got stuck on X rapid move. After two days we managed to get it unstuck.

But now i have very subtle vibration on X axis. And only when axis is rapid traveling to X-. When its going other way, to X+ its smoothe.

When I tighten the gibb more, vibration gets less noticeable but axis start to stick. And its sticking more going the same way that vibration is occurring.

Ballscrew nut was detached from table when we were fixing the problem with gibb. Ballscrew is only fixed on one side, the other is not attached to anything.

Is there any trick to aligning the ballscrew that is fixed to only one side. Because there is more than 3-4 mm of movement on bolts that hold the nut.

Frist time I aligned ballscrew with dial indicator attached to table. But then vibration was much worse. When nut was raised a little it got better but not good enough. For frist 100-150 mm of travel there is no vibration, then is vibrating trough next 250-350 mm then for last 100 mm its not vibrating. And its not vibrating allways the same. Sometimes its more noticeable, sometime I can't feel it.

It doesn't seem to effect surface finish when milling. Vibration isn't that big, but you can feel it if you touch machine. Especially as table moves to X+ limit any time when tool is changing.

Sorry for so long post and thank you for reading it. Do you have any idea what to do. Backlash is around 0.005 mm.